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Students work harder today than ever. Along with clubs, sports and hobbies, they spend late nights and hard-found moments studying, working math problems, reading textbooks, writing papers, preparing for tests, and on and on!

I think their hard work should pay off.

I challenge all students to think beyond, ‘Where can I get in?’ and focus on the type of college they would like to attend. Together, we explore not only the student’s academic record, but also their interests and learning style. We find colleges that will appreciate them for who they are, and what they bring to the freshman class and beyond.

My independent college advising practice is based on excellence, integrity and confidentiality. I work hard to relieve students’ and parents’ anxiety through organized, professional guidance.

I hold a Bachelor of Science from Kansas State University and am a graduate of the UC Berkeley Career Planning and College Admissions program. My education is on-going through regular college tours across the nation, attendance at national industry conventions, and membership in professional associations.

I am well prepared to help students find institutions where they will not only succeed, but thrive!



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